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another day in the office

Bleh. I dislike the 8-5 shift. It has some benefits, but... bleh.

Illness is still going around - my boss and a coworker are out with it... Several others are still recovering, including RunningBear.

Nothing is working, really.

Going to head out to pick Ash up from school here in a bit, then logon to work from home just in case something comes up.

I sent a revised vacation request to the boss, but they're not going to be back until at least wed... *twirl*

Guess I'll wrap up what I'm doing in the next hour or so, joy.

The good thing about this schedule is that I'm more likely to hit my dietary targets... But I've been reading all the labels on these other bars I got, and they just don't compare to the Atkins ones... Too much sugar and carbs. Atkins have little of either, although most of the bars do have a decent amount of protein.

I may have to hit the store after picking Ash up - I know I'm low on a few things.

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