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the sickness of insomnia and breath

woke up. showered. ate. went to pick up Ash. went to work.

Ended up calling the helldesk. Person tried to remote control my machine w/o asking. I ended up having to turn off my firewall and create a logon with admin privs for them, once I realized what they were up to. They reset my domain password, no luck. Tried a few other things, eventually it worked... once.. briefly. I kept getting a logon prompt and a failed authentication message. It seems their domain controllers are out of sync or something, go MS Active Directory!

Came home, played Animal Crossing briefly with Ash. Angel came over after work. We talked, and almost napped. They left. I ate, and vegged a bit. Ankh called. I left to go to Angel's place.

We chatted a bit, then drugged ourselves to sleep. I woke up suddenly from a rather nice deep sleep, and haven't been able to get back.

I'm liking the version of Firebird I installed on Angel's machine and the extensions.... The leech one works very nicely - someone posted AWA pics and I was able to grab them all fairly quickly with little effort.

Still having domain issues, dammit. That domain never transitions smoothly. Ah well, it'll be back up eventually. I think I'm gonna go do drugs round 2 and see if I can manage more sleep.

Have to head to the dietician in the am... Luckily it's about a block away from here, so I can sleep in. Already managed to send an email to the manager saying I wouldn't be in.

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