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More on the Tokyo project

From what I understand, they want someone to build their e-commerce site from the ground up - hardware and all. This would include servers, firewalls, connectivity, applications, pages, and everything in between.

It would be an awesome project to be part of, just the kind of thing I need for personal experience as well as to add to my resume..
it's just that... I can't possibly do all of that right now... I simply don't have all the knowledge needed. And it's not exactly the kind of thing you can just pick up a book and study on your own.

That, and my Japanese is so rusty....

I'm not trying to count myself out, I'm just being realistic. I'm damn good and what I do, and I'm sure once in that position I would pick it up quickly and be able to work towards delivering precisely what they want. It appears to be a very daunting task at the moment, and with what limited knowledge I have right now, it doesn't seem to hold much promise.

Then again, I do still have a technical interview to schedule from London, and I'm waiting on more details to be delivered via e-mail. I'm starting to hope that with these, I can get myself set up on the correct angle and nail it despite my initial misgivings.

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