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I'm amused, since it seems like half my friends list is heading to Atlanta this week. I know I'll be there for AWA. But the really amusing thing is the people, local people, who are also heading there but not to the con.

I've got a few prep things to print out at work today, if I remember... the directions on the BART stops and such, the schedules, the flight list, etc.

Hayama has ambulatory problems, which I hope clear up by then. It's no fun not being able to walk. And it's no fun to miss the year's best con.

I got quite a bit done last night - cleaning, vacuuming, carpet shampooing, trash removal, organization, etc. We got 3 projects done last night, which was amazing. There's one left that has urgency, and then some cleanup/prep work to do. Hopefully we can get all that done this week.

I'm tired. It just so happens that my vacation is scheduled for just the right time - I don't know that I could handle another full week of work without a day off.

Little more follow up to do about my training class for work as well, can't forget that.

Did some coding, got some small enhancements done.

Set up the new host for shadowsource... Hopefully, the transition will be smooth. The new host rocks, though... I was poking through all the configs, and there are so many more options to play with - handy stuff, too... Individual accounts, ftp, email, multiple databases with individual accounts, etc... MUCH nicer than the previous POS. If this one is stable and such, I'll be moving my other sites to it.

I'm working my way through the 'bad' food I have... All the leftover stuff that I had in stock. I'll be slowly transitioning to the 'good' food I got at the health market. I hope it helps. I got some apples, bananas, soy chips, all natural corn chips, soy milk, high protein cereals, high protein bread, and high protein snack bars. I've still got bread and cereal and various other foods to finish off before I make the switch.

Haven't seen Angel in awhile. Going to try to find some time before I leave.

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