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Finished Noir... Good stuff.

Didn't sleep much, got up and went to the PUG... Turned out well, I got an issue with one of the scripts resolved. WiFi wasn't working, though. The presentation just wasn't that great. I like what the person had done, but they didn't really explain anything - just kinda showed it off and gave some general statements on why they used the tools they did.

Came home in time to get dinner cooked and field a call from Oz before work started. Idiots kept delaying, then finally admitted they weren't going to get done. Had to page out the boss and such to let them know. Not that anyone expected any different.

Went to Wally World to get some containers. Fuckers had the section of the store I needed 'closed for maintenance.' I managed to find something that would work in another section, though.

Went to the store. Sucked it up and browsed the health food section. Found a few things that look to be what was recommended to me on Fri, so we'll see what happens. Some of that shit is really freaking expensive. $2.50 for a single snack bar, etc.

Earlier, I was decompressing after work... watching Noir... Tiger comes up to snuggle, and that's it. I'm out. Couldn't stay awake, didn't even move off of the couch.

Tiger's here with me now, and I'm hoping that does it again... I want to sleep while I can. I'm fairly sure work tomorrow will be a bit more active, if no less annoying.

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