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what a night

Met RedneckNinja and Bob at Steak & Ale for dinner. We somehow missed each other while waiting, but it turned out all good. I think RedneckNinja was a religious experience when I introduced him to the 9 pepper filet. He was moaning, groaning, and staring off into nothing while eating it.

We went back to Bob's and I broke out the DDR set. That went over very well, and now Bob's addicted to it. I also gave my series of matted fencing pics that I took to RedneckNinja for xmas.

Anyways, we stayed up too late, and I didn't sleep worth anything. Kept being woken up by house noises, M's alarm, and such...

Then I was awakened by my cell phone. It was an HR person, giving me a verbal offer!!!!!!!!!!!!1 That's right kiddies, I've got a job! It's only around $6k more than I was making before, and $15k less than I asked for, but it's a job. They're also paying for relocation. I hope to be out there and working ASAP!

Anyways, talked with Bob for awhile, made plans for tonight, then left. Got home, showered, had breakfast, and now updating the lj. I'm getting a headache, so I may lay down for a nap.

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