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super sucker weekend

I get the honor of working all weekend.

I talked to a coworker earlier about fish oil pills, and ended up getting more advice on changing my dietary habits and such than I figured on. I can't say that I disagree, I pretty much know what they're saying - it's a matter of doing it. The funny thing is that they were trying to sell me these pills and such that they sell, but most of the talk was about eating and exercising and such.... which I don't need pills for. Freaking things are $$$ too - $70+ a month. There's a cheaper route I may go if I feel the need to, but I may just take the dietary suggestions instead - forget the referral to a 'real' dietician, I've had the shpiel.

Package from RedneckNinja came in.

Watched the rest of Witch Hunter Robin.. I like it, it gets dark and twisty and Film Noirish..... good stuff.

I have plans for most of the day, depending on when I wake up... and work, of course, is looming regardless... I've got my phone set to remind me so I don't sleep too long or forget if I'm out doing other things.

The kitties have been behaving of late, which I appreciate.

I hope to also finish watching Noir in the next day or two, but not sure.

And try to get some Angel time in, to boot.

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