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So I negotiated a bit earlier with Enimga... he seemed to want to be in the bedroom, where he's not allowed. I explicity stated that he was not allowed in there, and an... argument.. ensued.

I think I may need a Negotiator for our next round... I've got some evidence of our confrontation.

Anyway... Spent the evening vegging and played a bit of Pikmin... I've got 18 days and 14 parts left... Not bad. Although, I must admit I just lost a metric shit ton of the little guys this last round - but I got 2 parts, so I figured it was good enough. I've got a day or two to spare if I need to spend it building them back up.

Weekend was pretty good, spent some time with Angel. We're getting along pretty well atm, which is good... I had been a bit worried, but that seems to be fading.

Still don't have vidcap working... Waiting for a reply from Gainward, tho Asus finally wrote me back.

Talked with RedneckNinja, Oz, Ankh, and Haha.

Oh yeah, today would have been Chichi's b-day...

I suppose I should get to crashing - Angel will not be happy if I don't make it to the doc in the am.

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