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Wit's end

RunningBear said they were able to use my capture card just fine in one of their systems.

I updated my motherboard drivers... I updated the card drivers... I updated the capture drivers... The card is now running at 8x AGP like it should. I'm using Ulead to capture (nice program, lots of options). I'm STILL getting that damn white bar on the fucking screen.


In other news, been having serious discussions with Angel. It's been a strange (strained?) few days.

In still other news, I don't get to go to training for work like I was promised... But I do get to take the course and hopefully get my certification - just have to do it online.

Pikmin: 25 days left, 22 parts left. Not bad for my first time through it.

Watched Yotoden... realized there was something slightly different... It was the movie version, instead of the OVA.

Had to really put effort into work today. People are real idiots - why do I forget this so often? In any case, people were reassigned, and I got one of the better people to assist me. That's the bright spot on all that. Got some stuff done tonight on the project, so at least it's finally moving again.

Went to the store, picked up an apt book... Looked through it, and not sure what I want to do. I think I want to move to a cheaper place, but I keep looking at places that are similarly priced as where I live now... I'm hoping to save $200-300 per month, but I'm slightly picky about where I live - so the real cheap ones are out.. and I want at least W/D hookups, figuring the price difference will pay for buying them myself... which puts many other places out of the running. And it has to be close to work, preferably closer than I am now... which really narrows it down.

One of the possibilities is the place right next to Chinese, but that would be entirely too dangerous.

Anyway, I did a bit of hunting, so I'm somewhat satisfied... I'll have to pick up the search later this or early next month.

Keep meaning to get ahold of RedneckNinja, but I'm continually doing stuff until late, and then I know better than to try to talk to them half-asleep.


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