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As I stated yesterday, I haven't even had the energy to "bah" lately.

Headache almost continuously for 3 days... Once I got home last night, I crashed... Woke up later and checked work to make sure I didn't miss anything - I didn't. Tossed and turned for awhile, watched some TV, had breakfast... Tossed and turned... Tossed and turned.. Tossed and turned.

Finally got up to get showered and have lunch.

I must have caught the edge of that virus that's been going around... lotsa people out sick.

Read through Transmet 6 and 7 last night... One more to go - I need to track it down or have Goofy bring it to AWA.

RunningBear is going to bring an AIW128 today, I'm going to try replacing my current vidcard with that and see if I can capture - if I can, then I'll know the vidcard is the problem. Of course, that would mean getting a replacement vidcard or one of those usb devices.... or something. Of course, that means I have to hook the vcr back up.

Anyway, I'm going to wander into work and hope that my headache doesn't flare up again.... It's been annoying.

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