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Well, vacation was okay... some good times, but also it seems like there was a huge migraine floating around - lots of people either had or or other illness... I got the migraine bit, and it sucked.

Went out to GameStop with Angel and Ash, and we picked out Super Monkey Ball 2 and TimeSplitters 2 for the GC as games we could all play together. We played a bit of each, and it was fun.

Tried to relax most of the rest of the weekend, with limited success. Angel and I weren't in sync, so our moods clashed a few times.

Did some cleaning up, though... got rid of two bags of old fansubs that I now have on DVD - I know if I would have kept them, they'd just keep moving with me. Misc other things like the backlog of mail piled up on my desk were also done.

I was also kind of restless for a few days - couldn't relax and do much, too jittery and such. Barely made it through Noir disc 4 and Madara.

Talked to Oz and RedneckNinja on the phone... and Beldurin on ICQ. Good conversations, kind funny how they all fell in line like that.

Lesse... hrm... Finished Tron 2.0 and uninstalled it... Played some SMB2 (Monkey not Mario)... Still have a few other games to wrap up - ED, GTA3, DC2, etc....

Was going to go get Munchkin Fu, but decided to wait until Munchkin 3 arrives in the stores first... And then just get 'em both. I may split them out and see how they play individually a bit... A Blender game with that many cards could get... messy. Also want to get the Epic rules and play to level 20.

Angell's wanting another game night, which sounds okay... Depends on the games. I'm also thinking I'd like to host another party sometime, if I can manage it.

I need to remember to figure out my schedule for the next few months and get my vacation tiime requests in. Also, check with the new boss about training before the end of the year.

Interesting anecdote, I came home and hung with Angel and Ash for awhile.. Then was called onto a bridge for work. Taz was on the bridge... just kinda strange situation.

It's warm in here... so nice outside tho. I dislike the lack of cross ventilation here... my old place down the road was much better for that. I've got fans trying to pull the cool air in, with limited success. I locked the kitties up so I could get as much of a breeze as possible... Enigma was glad to get back in the carrier - he's running out of places to hide, as we keep blocking the ones he uses.

I'm gonna snack and veg a bit before sleep... Prolly should disconnect the vcr too.

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