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Video Capture Issues

So I've been having issues with video captures... I get this huge white block in the middle of the screen, sort of as if it were letterboxed... I got a new Monster Cable video cable and rewired the connections to take out the splitter box and receiver from the loop.. Still getting them.

I asked RunningBear today about it, and they gave a 45 minute discourse on how to clean a VCR. They recommended using a DVcam to do the conversion, or reducing the capture size. I don't have a DVcam, and I had already considered reducing the capture size - However, I really wanted to oversample and preserve quality.

In any case, I'm taking my dual-deck VCR in to work tomorrow and they're going to give a tutorial on how to clean it. Should be interesting.

Rodimus also located newer capture drivers for the card, and I was able to get those installed.

If none of this works, my options are:
New SVHS deck plus cable
New DV cam
New capture card

None of which I really want to do at this point, but if I'm going to get the project done that I want to in the timeframe I want to get it done in.... I've got to do something. I can't finish it with all these damn video glitches.

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