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Here it was, looking like Angel and I would be finished....

and it ended up that we were able to talk it out.. nicely.

I'm impressed.

Spent the rest of the weekend together. Cleaned up their place a whole hell of a lot... Best I've ever seen it. There was room for the dogs to play while we were playing cards and such.

Italian Beef was good, tho not as good as Haha's last batch... but it's so very simple to make... once I managed to get Angel out of bed, anyways.

So.. not a bad weekend... Watched the 2nd season of Red Dwarf... some really strange plots in that one, and I think I'd only seen 2 of the eipsodes before.... Had fun with Angel.. and Ash, Hunny, Morphine, and Rodimus....

I won at Munchkin... of course. I started playing munchkinly near the end... Rodimus tried to beat me with a wandering monster when I was level 8, but I beat both with Ash's help to win the game... not a bad deal... Morphine was set to win if I didn't, anyway... It was just a matter of who did what when. One of us was going to get it that round.

I sat out the rest of the games, wasn't really into them. Played with the pets and watched. The Hello Kitty Uno set was a big hit.

Now I'm doing laundry, catching up with online stuff, and about to move over to the desktop for a bit before I crash.

Work was a bit worrying over the weekend, but one of my people came through and finished up sat night around 1:30am, so that was a load off.

I've got to clean up my place, too.... cats left a present, and were whining for food when I got in. I locked them up for a bit until I get things cleaned up.... got some incense going to improve the atmosphere.

Dyed my hair again. I'll be amused at reactions tomorrow at work. Oh yeah, and Rodimus is helping my team during my shift, so that'll be interesting.

But... yeah. Feels like I've made it over a hurdle with Angel... Now if we can both just stay on track....

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