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it's naptime again

Dunno why it is that I feel so much like napping after work, but I do... so I do.

Went to the store, put my Munchkin cards in the new box I got, and puttered a bit. Put some laundry in... Talked to Angel for a bit, then sat down and started watching Witch Hunter Robin. I was pretty entertained by it, and one episode in particular creeped me out a bit. I got down to one or three eps left to watch when I finally had to crash.

Woke up this morning not wanting to move... Got myself up and out in a pretty short time, though. Pretty uneventful day - boss is sick, other team members haven't arrived yet... So shoulda stayed home, really. Ah well.

Got my tracking number for the toys... been browsing about online for DVD-R deals... gonna need a spindle or two.

EDIT: I just saw that the domestic DVD Limited Edition will be released in October, and comes with, among other things, a Cel and a shotglass! I'm a sucker for this stuff...

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