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*yawn* *BIG yawn* *yawn*

Let's see if I can manage to stay awake through this entry. It's in pseudo-reverse order.

Today is kinda blah so far... Alarm was gonna go off, so I set it later... tossed and turned a bit until it went off. Managed to get up and out right about on time. Work has had me do a few little things so far... The biggest one was having to set up a meeting later today in order to talk to the people I'm getting for this project. Joy. Have some more paperwork to do today.

Slept kinda okay last night... went to bed wanting to snuggle with Angel.

Watched the rest of the One Piece episodes I have last night.. then turned the History Channel on to Conquest - which, coincidentally enough, was about pirates. Tiger snuggled up to me and such.

Got home and had to relearn Tiger in the art of using the correct litterbox. After spending some time in jail, he was whining, so I dropped him in the box and let him do his biz there... then praised him for it. I also decided they both had gotten used to their collars enough that I could attatch the rabies tags. Damn, do they make silencers for those things?

Had a lazy day with Angel Sun. We pretty much lazed about, slept, and played all day. I grilled burgers for lunch/dinner... They went to the store for the food. It was a good time.

Sat we lazed about in the morning, got caught, and I went home to shower and dress for date night. Haha called. Went to pick up Angel, who was wearing the most delightful outfit. After they dressed, we went to The Cheesecake Factory. Long line, hour wait... So we went over to Wild Oats to poke around a bit, then back to the Factory to get a buzzer. Thankfully, we didn't have too long a wait - and then they sat us in a relatively quiet part of the place.

Had some pretty good food, took some pics, and had a good time. They gave us 2 pieces of Key Lime cheesecake to go instead of the 1 we ordered. Decided to go bowling after, so went to my place so I could change and grab a movie and my bowling ball... Then over to Angel's so they could change. Then to Park Lanes to bowl... Fun time. I won 2/3, and the last 2 games were very close (Angel by 3 and me by 1). Then we went back to Angel's for the night. The cheesecake was good.. and so was the whipped cream...

Fri, I had a meeting at work, went to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus, and then had an offsite. We went to W.J. McBride's... I ended up sitting outside for a bit, as it was a nice day in the shade with a decent breeze. Went in, and had a Guinness and a clove. Ok, well.. maybe 2. The first one had a shamrock in the head, the best example of such I've yet seen. Had some decent geek conversation with Hawkwind and Morphine. Went home to eat, napped, and then headed over to Angel's. Played Munchkin with them, and the crashed.

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