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Ken Munch

Actually did my XR size last night... felt pretty good after.... Then grabbed the GC and Munchkin and headed over to hang with Angel and Ash.

Had a PB sandwich, cheese, and grapes.... popcorn eventually. Played Super Smash Brothers for awhile, then I attempted to teach them Munchkin. They seemed to enjoy it, but didn't catch on very well at first.

Then, crashtime. Slept pretty well, tho was up here and there for a bit.

Came home and everything seemed okay, tho the trash REALLY needed to go out. Showered, dressed, cerealed, and took it out on my way to work. Not too much going on at work - I've got some documents to complete and such, but that's it... project is being delayed further and nothing is working, so... yeah.

Went to see if Rodimus wanted lunch, and they said Thai at noon... waited until 12:15, then went to Chinese. Stopped by 2 places, but didn't see any card holders like I'm looking for. Saw Transmet #2, but that's it. I'd rather get #6 and continue the story from where I'm at. There doesn't seem to be a decent store that's for everything (comics, rpg, ccg, minis, boardgames, etc) around here... They seem to overspecialize from what I'm used to. Have to try others, I guess.

Came back to work, and pretty much just waiting until I can head home. Need to stop by the store.

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