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Desktop Issues

So I was trying to copy the Metric Shit Ton (TM) of stuff I grabbed over vacation to the desktop for safekeeping... And my desktop, which had been up and stable for well over a week, crashed. I tried again, same result. Then, it wouldn't boot at all. *sigh* So I just shut it down for the night.

I try again today, and it's up - no problems. I'm running a chkdsk on it. I used a can of air briefly to try to loosen some of the dust in the power supply, figuring it was acting up again. Seems to have worked.

Once chkdsk is done, I'll try copying again. I'd like to get this stuff backed up ASAP.

I seem to have found a very passable motherboard/cpu/memory combo while poking around earlier. Need to add a few more items and check prices elsewhere first... But I really want to get this editing machine up and going. Soon. Especially the DVD burner...

In other news, Tiger hung his ass over the cheap box and shat onto the floor sometime overnight. I had to... talk... with him a bit, then locked him away for the day. When I let him out, I took him into the room and closed the door... Then I kept setting him on the litter in the electric box until he did his business. Then, I opened the door. He ran out to the couch and I'm sitting here petting him to let him know he did good. He started when it did its scoop cycle, but I kept petting him and he seems to be okay.

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