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End of the trip

Slept. We all kinda drifted into awakeness around the same time. Got up, showered, and went to Arby's armed with another coupon. 15 roast beefs makes quite the pile. Got a to go bag as well. Ate 2 each and some sides, and bagged the rest. Dropped them by the apt, then went off to the Keep.

I haven't been there in years... it's pretty much the same, with a few minor differences. Yakumo found Munchkin Fu, which Jingoro purchased. We also looked at the minis, counters, and such. Found DBA in a discount bin. Left there and Jingoro dropped off laundry before we headed back.

Played a game of Munchkin Fu, since we were a bit short on time, we didn't add it in to the rest. It was a good game, we actually played pretty fast despite having all new cards. It felt faster, as well. Some really fun stuff in that set, I'll have to get it - tho I think I may wait until next month and get it with Munchkin 3 when that comes out. Yakumo won, just barely edging Jingoro out.

Then it was off to Gavv's. Jingoro and I left, while Yakumo stayed due to early commitment the next day. Beldurin bowed out for the same reason. Had to stop for gas, remembered Angel wanted a keychain - found one in the station. Nice drive, windows down. Got to Gavv's and sat for a minute, then marveled at all the ducks. Called Goofy and went up to Gavv's apt.

Watched G4 for a bit, Adam West blew our minds. Also saw some of the newer CPF stuff. Then we started moving towards food. Went over to K's place, but they were in the middle of an EQ quest. Decided on Union Jack's over Steak & Ale. Headed there. I managed to find a really close spot, but the others had to drive for a bit. Jingoro and I grabbed a table.

Service was slow - a reoccuring theme on this trip. Food was good as usual, and a couple Guinness didn't hurt. Fun conversation, and K showed up eventually. Having conquered food, we walked over to The Patio to grab a table and wait for Socko. It was dead when we got there, and the first bad, the Hentchmen, had such an awful audio mix that I couldn't understand any of their lyrics. They finished up, and moved their gear out while we kept waiting.

After Socko set up, the place become noticeably more crowded. Just before they started, Goofy and I decided to head up front to secure a good view. Found a nice place at the corner of the stage next to the speaker - similar to the place I had at the one Halloween show I went to. Z showed up, which was wild - although not entirely unexpected.

Socko rocked. They are a whole different experience live. They've also gotten more polished, and I think I'm gonna have to snag their albums like I've been meaning to - especially the new one. Anyway, they rocked and that's about all I can say...

They finished up, and we left. Jingoro lagged behind to chat with Z. We hung around outside for a bit, then Z came out and mentioned Jingoro was still inside with a look of confusion. I went back in to get them, and we met back up with the rest. Decided that I wanted to get going ASAP since I wanted to start the trip home. Goofy and Hayama decided the same thing, so we all split.

The drive back up to Jingoro's wasn't bad at all. Good conversation, and we were both quite awake. When we got there, though, I could feel that I wasn't going to make it far... and I decided to crash for a bit instead. Set my alarm for 6, and was out pretty quick. Alarm went off, and I reset it for 7... then got up anyway. Changed clothes, packed my stuff up, and starte dloading the car about the time Jingoro came out.

Packed the car, and said bye to Yakumo and Jingoro. Stopped by Oz's to drop some stuff off, then was on the road. Managed to make it past Indy before I had to pull over and take a nap. Felt okay enough after that to keep going for awhile, but had to stop again. This time, I found a shady spot and was able to take a longer nap. Felt much better after.

Drove a bit more, had to stop for gas. Decided to pick up a gatorade and some pb crackers. Kept driving. Was pretty decent drive, not too much traffic, and construction zones didn't slow down too much. Found a few others going in the 80-85 speed range, and tagged along. Ended up having to make an extra stop near the end for gas, but made it home safely. Took too long with all the stops, but I was glad to be home.

Besides, Angel, Tiger, Enigma, and a clean house were waiting.

Brought my stuff in, and snuggled with Angel for a bit. Then we showered, snuggled a bit, and decided to nap. Got up later than we thought, and I ate while they went home to take care of Sadi and get work clothes. They came back with my AMV spindle, so we watched DDR Project 1 while they ate, then snuggled. When that was over, we went to bed. I set the alarm.

Woke up this morning with Angel saying "you didn't wake me up." Looked over, and they were going to be late. Oops, looks like I set the alarm wrong. They got up and out pretty fast, but they had to rush - just like they didn't want to. I figured I'd check online for a bit and maybe grab breakfast before returning to bed.

Today, I just wanna laze. Enjoy my last day off.

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