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Munchkin Rules

So, crashed... slept pretty well until the sound of Jingoro moving about got me up.... Wasn't feeling too great, but no headache - so no big deal. Was up for a bit, then crashed back. Woke up when Jingoro came back form the first shift, then had them wake me a bit later and crashed back asleep. They woke me up a bit late, but I was able to grab a quick shower before driving them out to view an apt - their car's brakes had died on the trip home. Then we went back to their place to get coupons, and it was off to Arby's for lunch.

Scarfed lunch, then I dropped them off at work (Vuja De) and went back to their place (with keys!) Scrounged for stuff I hadn't grabbed last time on CD and such, and did some other minor geeking. Then it was time to head out and pick them up. I parked around the back of the building and sat int he car with the windows down playing Silly Wizard. Nice day out.

They got out, and we headed back to their place. Chatted and such for awhile, then Yakumo came in. We got Munchkin all set up and set about figuring out how to play. We started with Munckhin, then added Munchkin 2, then switched to Star Munchkin. Somewhere in there, we went to Bright Moon for dinner, then Walgreens, then Wendy's - Yakumo didn't want Chinese. Back to the place, more geeking and Munchkin and such.

Beldurin came over just in time for the mix game of all the cards, and was able to pick it up pretty quickly. After awhile, Thenarus also arrived and joined in a game. They were starting to get it by the end, but didn't seem to be fully into it. Then again, they hadn't gotten much sleep the previous night, so... They told me the tab had been $70. I definately need to take them out sometime.

In the end, I won 3, Yakumo won 2, and Beldurin won 1. At one point, we all ganged up and made a level 2 into a level 41 or something ridiculous... but Beldurin still won against it. Good times. We all thoroughly ejoyed the game, and we sat around talking about possibilities for the blank cards for quite awhile after the last game. Good stuff.

I checked my phone, and saw Angel had called, so I called them back and talked for a bit.

Now, I'm fading... Jingoro just fell asleep on the couch while Yakumo and I are geeking.

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