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Lesse... slept.. pretty well, too... Exterminator woke me up. I Geeked for a bit, then showered. Miki finished their XR size, then we went to lunch at Panera. I packed and left. Got gas, stopped to figure out route, then ended up taking the wrong way anyway. Finally got it sorted out, tho I wasn't really in a hurry or anything. Called Ankh to see what was up.

Got into town, called jingoro - no answer. Drove by their place - no answer... but I was able to down a ginger beer and torture the cat. Decided to drive around and take some pics of the old haunts. That done, I was at a loss for what to do next. Called Ankh to coordinate dinner, went to their place and sat on the porch reading asstr on my phone to waste time. They arrived, I toured their place, then we were off to Thai.

Thai was good, I stuffed myself on level 5 Basil chicken and steamed dumplings.. wanted desert, but was too ful at the time. Ankh went off to talk to the ex, and I called jingoro - who called back. Finished my broom break and headed over to veg for a bit. Then, they were hungry, so we went to Faz. Called Angel and chatted for a bit, then sat and talked to Jingoro for awhile.

Left Faz, and went back to their place. Chatted a bit, checked online, and read the rest of the Munchkin cards. We're going to play tomorrow when Yakumo arrives. Opened a ginger beer. Thenarus called, and Jingoro declined to go out with them to dinner. I accepted, ostensibly for dinner. They came over, and I left the location choice up to them... They chose B-Dubs, so we went there and drive around a bit untl parking was secured. Went in, and Thenarus was buying.. Guinness for the first round.

We managed to find a table, and sat and chatted for a bit... got some refills, I think - maybe a couple. Then, two people asked to sit with us, and we accepted.... One soon left. So we spent quite awhile just chatting and such with our tablemate. Thenarus kept buying - *PERSONAL NOTE: I owe Thenarus quite a few rounds... I'm not sure exactly the count of all we had, but there were 3-5 Guinness, a Long Island, a Honey Brown, and a Car Bomb AT LEAST* In any case, I watched, fascinated, and Thenarus seduced our tablemate.... We left and they dropped me at Jingoro's - and actually came in so they could meet the cat and Jingoro both before leaving. I also gave them both a taste of my Ginger Beer. It was good times.

Now I'm polishing off that last ginger beer, geeking, and preparing to dead like the sleep.. I'm acutely aware of the events currently unfolding with Thenarus, and hope they have an exceptional time. I'd like to be able to be with Angel for similar activities atm.

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