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Quest Items

Realized that Goofy didn't seem to have Transmet #6 and #8 after I read #5 and opened #7... so I decided to wait and ask them about it, since I didn't want to jump those plot points. Ended up grabbing the Confessor series of Astro city to read until I couldn't stay awake instead.

Woke up eventually, wandered out to the geek room to check up on email and posts and such, chatted with Miki, and then showered. More geeking and chatting, then after Miki's shower we put my laundry in and went to lunch. Walked down to a little place - which was nice, but the service was s l o w . . . Cheap and decent food tho. Chatted about family and such for a bit, then walked back.

Put the laundry in the dryer and started on the day's quest - Munchkin. Got directions and confirmed the location, then left on a little adventure. Managed to find the place, secure the quest items, and get back without too much trouble. I got sickly reading in the car, but I couldn't wait to try to understand how to play.

Lazed around a bit, then I brought Amplitude out for a bit... then brought out the GC and did the Eternal Darkness thing. Miki seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Goofy got home, and we headed out to the auction. A few minorly interesting items, we were there for a few hours.. Goofy and Miki scored some nifty things - Pepsi lighter signboard, a swag lamp, and a bunch of old legos in box with instructions. They had cheap food there, which was cheap and acceptable.

We left there and went to Jungle Jim's, which is a very interesting place. Animatronics in a grocery store... And they have all these various international sections and hard to find stuff, etc... I ended up with some Ginger Beer which completely and utterly rocks - it tastes alot like Ginseng Up.

Back to their place, we geeked for a bit and then did the Eternal Darkness thing for awhile. I must be getting pretty close to the end now... The plot is wrapping itself up, so there can't be too too much left. I'm on Chapter 11 or so I think it was.

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