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Geek Out

Went to Chinese for lunch with RN - not a bad little buffet place, tho I didn't realize we were under such a time crunch so I only had a single plate. Went back to their place, and I played a bit of SOCOM online while some files were copying - got myself killed pretty quickly, but got a few kills in at least.

Left a bit later than I wanted to, but ah well.... It had rained outside, and was VERY hot & humid. Dropped off their key, then got on the road.... somehow missing the road I needed, so I had to turn around in the middle of the construction.. bleh. Was making pretty good time, then hit rush hour traffic a few miles from Goofy and Miki's place. Got through that and found their place without too much trouble.

We sat and chatted for a bit, then headed out to MediaPlay for a bit... Then over to Roadhouse for dinner. Mmmm. Much better food than O'Charley's, though the service was only marginally better. I went overboard, but felt very satisfied at the end. Got a 10% discount since they had shopped at the nearby mall, which was nice. The sky opened up, so we hung around for a bit, then left after we saw other people heading out - figured there was a break.

The drive back was interesting, since there were huge puddles that Goofy didn't hesitate to plow through at speed. One of them hit way over the car's roof. Came back, and started geeking. Broke the laptop out, etc. Been doing such since. Once again showed off the DDR Project 2 DVD, and the karaoke discs have been a hit too.

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