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smoke on the sky, a fire in the water

Lesse.... Woke up after Jingoro left for work, saw the roommate dressed up for work leaving.... Got my shower in, and futzed a bit online, chatting to Beldurin, before I packed up my stuff. Broke out the camera for some location shots, then left. Was a bit later than I wanted, but not too bad.

Drive was annoying for some reason, my attention kept wandering away from the road. Called RedneckNinja when I was close to get the direction of travel at one point - I remembered the rest of the wy. Stopped by their workplace, they and a coworker came out, then it was off to the bank and Hooters.

They were having a lunch special - free fries with wings, so I got that... We chatted and such, then RedneckNinja paid, and we headed back to their building. I got their key and went to their place while they went back to work. Got my stuff inside, then crashed for a bit.

Woke up, put Amplitude in, and tried some Insane... Then went back to Brutal and upped my scores to unlock the bonus songs. Had RedneckNinja try it, and also Lancelot when they came in.

RN and I headed out to BB to locate the KO Seki DVDS - we found one, and Madara, so RN bought those. Rafferty's was out, so we went to O'Charleys... ugh. Never again, at least not here... Awful waitperson, food was okay.. we had the prime rib special, which was cheap, but... bleh. Overall, just not a great experience.

Then to the store for... beer. Damn cheap cases of Honey Brown. Back to their place, we put KO Seki in.. then watched the highlights from DDR Project 2. I watched while RN played SOCOM on the PS2 - Neat game, but I think I'll wait for the sequel in Oct before shelling out the $ for it. Would be fun to play with the team here, though. Then it was Psychedelic Cop, which had no production value - we decided to put something else in instead. That ended up being A Better Tomorrow II. Damn fine flick.. I mean, it has to be - "We're dying, can we leave now?"

We wrapped up with a bit of conversation, but I was fading fast... Lanceleot slept on the floor, so I got the futon. Didn't sleep that well, but woke up on my own feeling not too bad. Got my shower. Gonna see what's here that I want copies of, then get my stuff repacked and wait for RN to get home for lunch before leaving.

Heading out to see Goofy and Miki then... Shouldn't be to bad of a drive from here.

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