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El Day De La Lethargy

Jingoro crashed, we turned the Bebop movie off.... Futzed a bit, then decided to open up the Dream world in GL:DL. Made it in a bit, then I was out of it, so we crashed.

Woke up and futzed... Had Frosted Flakes Cereal Bars for breakfast... played more GL:DL, made Yakumo get Wendy's for food, watched Ping Pong Club.

Wow. PPC is wrong. Really wrong. I like it.

Talked to Haha, Angel, and RedneckNinja.

We finally beat GL:DL.... Still need to unlock the rest of the characters, but got the rest of it licked. It is really amazing how handy Invulnerability is. I really don't think I would have wanted to attempt the later levels and bosses without other players and Invulns. Thanks to the Yeti, cash was easy to come by.

Watched some One Piece and did misc other vegtative things. Jingoro ordered pizza for dinner, I got breadsticks and had the last of my Wendy's. Yakumo and I ended up playing some Carmageddon TDR2000, which was fun. Jingoro has crashed, and I feel I'm heading there soon.

In the morning, I'm gonna get up and shower after Jingoro goes to work.... Then drive to RedneckNinja's and meet for lunch, then laze around there until they're off work prolly.

Jingoro's shower is really damn small, especially for a tall person.... But I do admit I don't mind it as much as one of their previous places, which had NO hot water....

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