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sleep will be the death of me

So... I napped a bit in the afternoon... overslept picking Jingoro up, didn't hear the phone ring. Woke up when Jingoro and Yakumo came in. We sat and vegged and talked, watched AMV Iron Chef and DDR Project II highlights, then I put Mind Candy in while I showered.

Fazoli's for dinner... gotta love that student discount. I had 4 or 5 plates of Fettucini Alfredo. Good stuff. Talked about all sorts of things. Enjoyed Poodle Hat on the drive. Hit Marsh for some alcohol - scored Honey Brown, Red Stripe, and Smirnoff Ice Triple Black. Went back to Jingoro's.

Tried to coordinate with Thenarus, but they didn't wanna come over.. and we weren't in the mood to leave. Played Gauntlet Legends Dark Legacy on the GC for a few hours, then crashed. Yakumo and I tried a local WASTE session, but it wasn't working for some unknown reason.

Now Yakumo and I are up... Jingoro, despite having been the first to crash, is still sleeping.

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