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Gonna attempt updating this more often than usual on on vacations... we'll see how long it lasts.

Left last night way later than I wanted to... between the 2.5 hour meeting we had, having to make extra stops to pick stuff up, and packing more than I initially thought, I was getting pretty annoyed by the time I hit Chinese for dinner. The waitperson wasn't on, they missed my eggrolls, and then wouldn't get me a to go cup for tea... Thankfully, the owner stopped by to talk and offer such niceties.

Finally got on the road, after rush, and it wasn't too too bad... A couple bunchups until I got out of town, and then construction here and there... I made it pretty far on the leftover gas I had, but ended up making a couple smaller stops for broom break and a snack. Talked to Ankh, Jingoro, and Angel a bit.

I was nearing the end of a LONG stretch of 1-lane construction when I realized I was gonna have to pull over, I could barely keep from hitting either side of the barriers. So I found a likely exit and a dark Wendy's parking lot to nap at.. I figured 15-30 minutes to rest my eyes and let my mind wander, and I'd be good for the rest of the trip. 2+ hours later, a delivery truck pulled up, and I took that as my sign to get back on the road. Jingoro called to say they were leaving the door unlocked, and I stopped one more time for gas - approaching the 400 mile mark! Those new tires + balance really helped my mileage, I think.

Made it here, brought a few things in, and crashed pretty hard. Craig was very interested in my shoes and stuff, but eventually wandered off and I was able to sleep. Heard Jingoro's alarm go off a few times, and saw them briefly heading to the shower, but otherwise I was out until they came home form work.

We sat and chatted for awhile, I brought my stuff in, we looked through it and all that... Then decided on Arby's for breakfast/lunch before they had to head back to work. I got all the way back here from dropping them off, then realized they had locked the door and kept the key, so I went back and visited for a bit and got it.

I've got a couple hours to chill, shower, and generally veg... Sounds like we're gonna be drinking later, and also trying to round up some ppl to hang with. All good.

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