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bah me, go AWA.. and Travel, wow.

Well, I finally realized where the miscommunication between my boss and I was on a particular topic. So, I sent a request via email to have the time off for AWA the other day.. It was answered today with the affirmative, so I don't have to quit in order to go. Dammit.

I already have a room spot arranged with Hayama, I believe... Just need to confirm the usual day before/after thing so I can book the flight I've currently got on hold. It's cheapish, which is nice. I don't mind up to $150 too much... The last few emergency flights I've taken have been $250+, which gets annoying.

Went to the company store and got a phone charger for the trip, not a bad discount, either. I usually run out of juice somewhere, and tend to keep my phone off... Figured I'd try having it be a bit more available now that I've got Angel.

Had fun last night playing Amplitude and Super Bust A Move 2 with Angel and Ash.... Nice that we were all able to get into it and play. I may have to look into getting a PS2 Multitap so we can all play Amplitude at the same time - tho 4 player of that game would be almost too wild.

Got my laundry done, and copied some of my CDs to listen to on the trip.. as it's hot and I'm going to be leaving them in the car - don't want any original meltdowns. Going home for lunch to pack and such.... Got a couple afternoon meetings, then heading home to grab the bags, pillow, sheet, CDs, DVDs, GC, PS2 games, etc and leave. Hope to be on the road before rush hour hits.

Tiger snuggled with me this morning, then took a dump on the floor and hid somewhere... I'm pretty annoyed at him.

Looks like I'll be playing catchup with last night's Weather... Good thing I got those new tires that were rated good for wet roads, eh?

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