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What did I post last? hmm, nah too lazy to check... Today... Let's see... Today I bitched because stores with advertised sales were out of every item I wanted. I also got the oil changed in my car.. went to the store for Chichi and Haha... Cleaned my car up a bit on the inside...

Then Jingoro came by and we went out shopping, he needed gifts for xmas. Went to a few stores, then headed over to his brother's place. His brother is majorly into building/repairing/buying/listening to stereo gear, so we got to hear details and samples... Then we went to eat at M&E's... Pretty good. Then he realized he needed to get back home to catch the call from his SO who he had dropped off at the airport before stopping by, so he dropped me off and left.

Joy. There's more details, etc, but... I'm not in a very verbose mood. Also, I got the notice that another month's Fixer stories are due, and I'm fresh out of ideas once again... There's plenty of room if anyone else wants to write some in...

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