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I gotta ask myself

Is it worth it? Is being awake this early, preparing to go out into the cold, alone... Are these sale prices really worth all that hassle?

Probably not. Then again, what else am I going to do? I want the free usb cam, which they're probably out of. And I have to go to the grocery store later anyways, to get food for Chichi and Haha.

Haha continually amazes me. She said "I need you to go to the store for us, we're too sick to. We just need enough for a day or two. There's no food in the house." Umm, ok. There is half a metric shit ton of food in the pantry, plus some remnants in the fridge. Most of it is stuff I won't eat, but even I can live for a coupla three days on it, and I'm not sick like they are. But no, I have to go out to get enough food for a week, according to the list she gave me.

It's again not the fact that I'm doing a store run - I fully expected to have to do that yesterday once I found ou tthey were sick and barely moving from bed. The irritating thing is the way in which it was presented, and its obvious disassociation from reality.

You'd think by now she'd know not to talk to me before breakfast.

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