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bah dammit

Work's been a pain tonight... I finally had everything running and ready to go, and then my cable connection died.. data, at least.... so I had to come into the office. Been trying to get stuff to work ever since.

At least my coworker is also here, so I'm not completely out of my mind.

Been having tea and eating the Hot & Spicy Beer Pretz I found stashed in my cube.

4 hours and change until I can go home and sleep.... sigh.

let's see... earlier, I had the doors/windows open and the cats sitting on the porch.... Maint was supposed to come in, but I called and they had rescheduled. So I ended up cleaning out the cat box and such, and letting everything air out for a bit. It was good.

Later on, I set everything back up, put the new fresh litter in, and let them roam. After it got dark, they had a visitor come up on the porch... they sat and whined to each other for a bit.

Kinda funny that I saw a tv show last night about stress and its negative effects on the body.... tonight, I'm feeling sickly again. It's pretty much directly attributable to stress, so... yeah

definately need a break... I'd really like someone to make the decision to stop trying to make this crap work and let us have lives again. It's pretty stupid for us to keep doing this. People have started oversleeping and making little mistakes already... That's a big sign.

Ah well. I'll deal.. I usually do, somehow.

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