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happy pussy

well, the pussies are taking a nap after gorging themselves... I fed them a bit late - but hey, I've yet to eat, either... so it's all fair. They have actually been pretty good today, even wrestling quietly when they felt like playing but didn't disturb me.

I've been either working, playing Dark Cloud 2, or hanging with Angel.... oh yeah, and I sometimes fit sleep in there too... Still feeling a bit sickly, but it's much better... I can breathe more or less now.

It's pretty much been a blur... We've got about a week to finish up this project if I recall correctly.. And it's going to be down to the last minute as usual... I'm glad today is a holiday that we actually get off - I don't think I'll have another break until we're done... With lengthening hours and building stress.

I can't believe I kept forgetting to send my plate renewal forms in... Tomorrow I've got to get up early, pay my car insurance (which I also spaced out on), and head to the BMV... bleh. Then I'll prolly have lunch and head in to work... work for a bit, then hit the store for food on the way home.... then work more. *xfingers* A lingering bug or two, and I should be good to go.

I'm gonna get offa here and make fajitas for dinner... I think I'll take a break from DC2 and either watch a DVD or see what's on the TV.

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