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in FL

So.. made it in yesterday... 2nd flight was delayed after we were on board due to a sick Captain... 2 hours later they found a replacement.

Got in, Haha picked me up, and we went back to their place. Sat around and chatted for a bit, went through a few items... Then we got hungry and went out to eat.

Well, evidently they had talked to the family, so there were a few others joining us.... I was kinda hoping to have a quiet kinda dinner, since I knew the rest of the weekend would be packed with family and such...

ah well, it was interesting... food was very good. The waitress was interesting, kinda reminded me a bit of Rori... Anyway, then we heade back home... and the family came over as well -_-

I was beat... they left, we figured out where I was gonna sleep.. then had to head upstairs to borrow a mattress for someone to sleep on.. then I crashed... hard. I don't really know what time it was... and I don't know what time I finally got up, either. But I slept pretty well.

We've been doing this and that getting ready for everyone coming in... Haha's out to pick up 3 people from the airport over the next 4 hours - including Angel. I'm here waiting for others to arrive by car... I'm trying to do some maintenance on the computer and such, but I forgot my utils disc... and didn't bring my work laptop... and the other one's stil in the shop, so... Ah well, maybe next time.

I like this LCD screen... Hadn't seen it yet, since they got it after I was here last. It's also nice to have the cable modem here, tho Haha's gonna get rid of it here soon... bah!

I suppose I'll enjoy the silence and lack of people while it lasts... Gonna relax and play some Castlevania: Circle of the Moon or something.... I've already unlocked the first player stuff in Puyo Pop.

Hmm... Yeah, that's about it for now. I'm going to try to take lots of pictures of everyone and everything.. We've been trying to put together a slideshow of Chichi pics, and I realize how few I took... I mean, I've got this digicam with huge capacity... I would have thought I'd have taken more.

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