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not too bad, considering

slept like complete crap... couldn't get to sleep, couldn't stay asleep, couldn't get comfortable, was too hot, was too cold, etc... tossed and turned... despite the tylenol, which usually knocks me right out.

got up early, went to Idoc... got there early, so just sat in the sun and enjoyed being outside. Everything checked out fine, I'm still 20/15 pretty well, and corneas healing nicely.

from there, decided my car needed a wash... as a treat, I also added the hand wax and minor detailing... damn is she sexy all nice and shiny like that.

then off to the tax ppl for my amended tax forms - more $ back, can't be all bad.....

decided to stop briefly by a local place to look at cases... they've got quite the selection, but none I deemed 'perfect'...

then Hayward's for lunch with S.

Finally got to the office, my moving boxes were in. Spent the next 3 or so hours with the team doing this and that....

Came home to find a fedex package notice, picked it up... was the payment 6 days late... I suppose my email that they'd forfeit if they didn't start paying on time might do some good from now on... I'd rather have the money coming in, but damned if I'm gonna let them slack on me any more.

... work seems to be stalled for the night - gonna hang on email just to make sure, but...

time for food, maybe finish .Hack now that part 2 is out, and then hang with Angel.

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