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well, yeah

Spent quite a bit of yesterday sleeping or barely conscious... didn't accomplish much.

Felt physically better and mentally worse as the day went on. Got a little freaky in the evening, but calmed down somehow and was able to sleep.

Realized that using the one earplug the cats haven't hidden yet really helps to block out all the stuff they do during the night... slept pretty well thanks to that.

At one point, Tiger walked up my body and settled on my chest to snooze. That was nice.

7th is the highest level you can go in Eye of the Beholder, which is inane.... the level system is already there, keep it going. I got stuck looking for the crystal key, as neither strength nor open lock worked on that particular door... And the maps at GameFAQs seem to leave out the detail of where to get the key. I'm closing in on the end, I'd like to get it over with... It's been fun, but it's time to move on... I still have levels to gain in Golden Sun before I get the second one and move my characters over.


What else... Oh, set up my new WAP... works beautifully. I'm getting full signal strength and speed from it, and can now VNC into my desktop again.... Got my work laptop up as well, so I was on all 3 at the same time doing various things. I need to either get a DVD burner, huge ass HD, or start burning... I'm getting close to being out of HD space again. And I need to finish building my utils CD and burn the damn thing before any more apps have new versions...

Looked up my flight to the ceremony... more $ than I'd hoped it would be, even with the 'saver' fares..... not enough notice to use the discount, of course. Gotta book that today.

Appears as if Angel and I are giving each other the silent treatment.

I'm finally moving... got the notice last night, so I should start preparing everything and getting rid of the built up crap I don't need... Not sure what the date is yet, though.

I feel like having Chinese for lunch today... nothing new there. Probably turkey bologna sandwiches with cheese and carrots for dinner... nothing new there.

Gotta get back into the stretching, XR Size thing... Completely slacked off for too long - I'm sure my DDR game is suffering... Good thing I haven't played in awhile.

Actually chatted for awhile with the OH people last night... I forget how good that can be sometimes. ICQ'd Beldurin the other day, had a brief chat... we compared toys briefly.

I've been bad about commenting/replying to comments on LJ lately.. not sure why. Had a few things to say, but haven't done so.

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