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<strike>singing</strike> Walking In The Rain

So I took a nice nighttime walk in the rain.... Took the cat shit and other trash out... Got the mail...

It's amazing how much I enjoy that, even if it's a little on the chilly side.

Backed up my work laptop. Talked to Angel. Now having ramen for... dessert?

Haha called yesterday to say the CoL for Chichi won't be until mid next month at the earliest.

I got my CD renewal thingy in today, need to stop by the bank and see what the deals are... Also need to see about company bonus stuff and whether I can get free online bill paying for all my bills.....

Credit Card statement for the laptop came in email >_<

Was thinking of doing some DDR... or .Hack... or watching Laputa or Kiki's....

Looks like I'll just end up futzing around on here and attempting to get to the next dungeon level in EoB.

Went to Chinese for lunch then BB with Rodimus... ended up not buying anything, which was good... Saw the new Xbox game that seems to be a PowerStone ripoff....

People at work freaked about the tornado... I wanted to just leave and get home early.

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