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a real update

I'm still spinning, really... so much going on, kinda hard to proccess it all....

Seems as if my trip to Houston to see Chichi was just in time, considering the current situation.... I think I'm going to stay here until something happens, and then see what to do from there... As Haha pointed out, we said what we needed to say... said our goodbyes.... so we're set. I do regret that some people weren't able to meet them while they were themself (not sick and suffering).... And, our last words to each other were about a tennis rematch... That would have been fun.

My new Linksys WPC55AG came in today... it rocks, I've unplugged the wire finally... Found another 802.11 network in range with it, heh... not sure which it was, though... Thing comes with a nice hard plastic case which will be handy when it's tumbling around my laptop backpack... So far, I've got to recommend it.... Cheap at Works with a, b and g networks.... setup on my XP Pro laptop was cake, tho I did have to add the MAC address to my WAP for security purposes....

Tiger is currently sitting in the open window next to me watching everyone go by outside... Earlier he went all the way up the kitchen cabinets... Enigma is hiding under my bed, which is a slight change from behind the couch where he had been all day.

Angelfate has been wonderful.... Very supportive and understanding. What I don't understand is why I'm suddenly eating mroe fruits and veggies when around them.... We've had a few vegeterian meals...

Saw the boss at the store earlier.... Was updating me on things I really didn't care to think about... But I gave them the heads-up about Chich and the fact I may be taking more time off because of that.

I'm a bit worried about RedneckNinja... I know they had some things going on, and it seems no one has heard from them in awhile....

Ankh was a bit... uncomfortable with seeing me again. Kinda strange. We went to UJ's for dinner, picked up their date, and then I went to go sleep.... That's when I got the update about Chichi. They held me while I broke down briefly. Then I slept, got up, gave a brief hug goodbye, and bought the cats back.

Just realized, I'm not sure I posted that Chichi coded again....

I'm glad I was at least able to update from my phone.... I think those entries will be good as a reference to what happened. Drained the battery pretty quick, though... Between SMS, text messages, emails, and posts.... and the 12 hour hospital stays... I may have to get an extended battery/travel charger...

There was an Intel Centrino stand in the DFW airport that allowed free net access, which was neat.... They used some WiFi variant... If I'da had this card then......There was also a Dell stand, and I wanted to ask the person WTF is up with AC adapters and miniPCI WiFi cards not being listed on the site.... I'd like to get an extra AC adapter or two for my laptop....

I'm really far behind in LJ and boards and email and such.... Just haven't really had the chance and/or been in the mood....

I'm tired... really tired... everything has been draining me of late.... Taking energy I didn't know I had. Hopefully, some of it will work itself out and settle down.

Hmmm... time to start the fajitas for dinner... I'm really starting to like this pseudo-family thing.

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