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Well, I managed to waste most of the day vegging and being nappy.. then finally remembered to drop off the overdue library book on the way to UJ's, where I was an hour early... Rod and crew didn't arrive 'til well over an hour later. I had a Guinness, some fried shrooms, and waited. They all arrived, we ordered, we chatted, etc... Then M invited everyone over to his place, but I didn't really feel that great, so I came home.. Good thing, too... I went on a snack rampage, and slept hard for a bit. I'm feeling better, though still a bit fuzzy.

Tomorrow's menu is pasta. Spaghetti with butter and parmesan. Yum. I'll be having it all alone, but I'm not too concerned about it. It's still nice to not have the bothers and pressures of relatives.

The apt search thingy is kinda irritating... They immediately sent back a list of mostly the same ones I had picked out for myself on my own, so I didn't see the value. But then again, once I pick which ones I want to see, they'll call them all up, ensure vacancies, and schedules walk-thrus... Nice, but I'd still like floor plans and more details before that stage. I need W/D in unit and some kind of broadband. Fitness center and garage I'm also considering to be necessities at this point. I still need to wait a bit for the offer so I know how much I'll be making, and budget from there. Although, I probably should stick to my old budget and invest the extra.

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