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Roller Coaster

I've been so up an down of late.... Accelerate, decelerate, peak, trough, social, antisocial, happy, depressed.... It's getting rather annoying to me.

I'm sure I'm getting anxious about my upcoming trip, and having to confront Chichi in their mid-chemo state. I spoke to them last night, and it wasn't fun.

I seem to be in fight or flight mode... and I'm leaning towards flight.

Anyway, I remembered to set my clock to DST last night - I'm actually at work on time for the first time this week.

Lesse.... Last night, came home from work... Was gonna call Angelfate, but they preempted me. They came over and we went to Faz for dinner with the kid, then came back to my place to hang for a bit while the kid did homework. Then they left, I played some Freelancer then chatted a bit... When I hit another trough, I disconned and started packing. Angelfate invited me over to watch Meet The Parents, but I ended up falling asleep and then having to call to cancel. After that, I drug myself into bed and crashed hard.

Woke up fuzzy this morning, and not in the best of moods.

So now.. *twiddle* I'm at work.... I'd like to get a few things done, have a decent lunch, and go home early to finish packing and such.... I'm supposed to be done by 5 so Angelfate can pick me up and take me to the airport tomorrow morning. Dunno if I'll make it.

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