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How bizzarre

Antisocial.... so why have I been talking on the phone for the past few hours?

Angelfate called to tell me the good news.

Oz called to BS.

Angelfate called to see if I was okay.

RedneckNinja called to catch up on things.

Strawberry e-mailed.

Rents didn't answer their mobile, and I lost the hotel #.

I meant to do some DDR to see if I could work myself outta this... mood. Or at least SSX or .hack or something that I haven't touched in a week or three....

Made fajitas for dinner, tho Hunny invited me out with them.

Gah, don't know what to do... I've thought things over, talked a bit... and I'm still just in a ... mood. I don't know what the cause is.

I must say, I love RedneckNinja... I really do. I caught them up on events, they were right there with me... Doing what they could, talking things out, cheering me up, telling me their crap too... It's amazing how much that helps, to know they're there for me. Not to say others aren't, but there's something about their unique brand that really gets to the point and hits it.... hard.

Oz was amusing... More tales of them getting laid and having 'ideas'....

Regardless of how tonight goes, tomorrow at work will suck. Bleh. That's something to not look forward to.

I don't even really know what I'm working on, thought-wise... There seems to be something there, I just can't see what exactly it is... And not seeing it makes it really hard to address/fix. Probably some mix of emotions and stress as usual.

Balance... I need to regain my balance... Things have been tipped too far one direction of late, need to scoot back towards the center.

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