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It's a blur

Most of the time since the LJ Lucky (in more ways than one) Lunch has been a blur.... I haven't been home nor alone much since, and that's a big change. It's a good thing, just different.

Once again I found myself hanging out all night and coming home long enough to shower, eat, and get to work.... I used to wonder how people were able to do that sort of thing, since I valued my veg time at home so much... Now I know - it's not that hard, just need motivation.

I need to call the rents, see how Chichi is doing. Oz called. RedneckNinja called. Someone called - dunno wtf they were. H&R Block called. Got a few calls to make later....

In some ways, I'm reluctant to go on this trip that's coming up... I'm sure it'll be fine, it's just.... Gonna be strange in a couple ways - new city, Chichi being zonked from chemo, Haha flipping out (oh wait, that's not new), not being able to hang with Angelfate, etc... And I dunno what's gonna happen when I cme back, either - it's a bit worrying.

I do have to go pick up Tiger and Enigma when I get back, which means seeing Ankh. Dunno about Kinji yet - I'm not gonna take her, dunno if anyone else is. Guess I'll have plenty of time to think on the drive.


Yeah, lots to think about...

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