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A little rocky at first, plans changed... Got a little bit late start, but it all turned out good.

They came over, looking absolutely stunning... So much so that I forgot to take a pic and couldn't talk very well for a bit. We hung out for a little bit, then decided to go see Chicago. It was pretty chilly out, and their outfit wasn't the warmest, tho it looked really hot. Managed to get there right on time and actually find decent seats.

The movie was interesting, I liked it more than I thought I would. Interesting style, a bit heavy on motion and strange shutter speed. The only small annoyance was the person who had to take a break in the middle - not a big deal. We stayed for the whole credits, and they actually turned the projector off and the lights on at that point - usually doesn't happen quite like that.. tho I don't tend to catch the last show.

Continuing on, we went to their place to let the dog out... I stole a couple CDs, as well. Then we continued on to my place... They had a craving for chips and salsa, so we stopped by the store - got some interesting looks from the cashier, to boot. So it was the middle of the night, so they were dressed to kill, so we were happy and laughing.... Doesn't mean anything more d;

Back at my place, we snacked on chips and such, played some DDR, geeked out on my new case and parts.... Then I took a shower and we crashed.

I think it was a really good first date. We both seemed to be having fun and enjoying each other's company. I hope we have the chance for another one next week sometime.

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