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Dunno why I came into work today, seems like the rest of my team is out, including Hawkwind... Prolly head out to 'work from home' after lunch. Oh, other team member just walked in.... ah well.

Weather feels like rain, I could do with a nice storm.

Ankh called last night, confirmed I'm supposed to go pick up Tiger and Enigma sometime after I get back from Houston... Not sure I'll have enough time to hang with the peeps, or just do a snatch & run.... Hrm, looks like I'd better make sure I have enough $ when my car lease is up, this driving out there every month or three will put me over my mileage limit.

It's kinda funny, being interested in someone from LJ... I don't want to post too much about it, since I don't want it to replace talking to them.... And I know they read... as do their friends/family. I think I'll wait a bit, maybe write an entry offline.... and post it a bit later.

Let's just say I've been both happier and more stressed of late....

Jingoro called the other night, I was out of it, but spoke for a bit. Evidently Thenarus' new Import PS2 BeatMania setup rocks harcore.

hmmm... yeah, that's why I haven't been updating too much.

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