Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
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I'm still out of it.... Yesterday was pretty busy, with trying to get the place all cleaned up for the party. Thankfully, I had help.

Party was pretty successful, seems like just about everyone had a blast. Lots of fun stuff, got a chance to show the kids what for and all that. Ended the night with... theraputic.... conversation. I hadn't been able to have such in too long - I was reluctant to end it.

I slept pretty well, too.... Woke up once briefly for some reason, but other than that.... First decent sleep in a few days, I had really been dragging. Current;y feeling a bit dehydrated, but not headachy like I had been.

Nothing going on today, had enough post-party cleanup that only taking out the trash is left, and it's already bagged.

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