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What a day

LJ Lunch was first up... had a good time hanging out with everyone and abusing all the digicams. I both impressed and annoyed everyone (as usual) with Stealth Camera Style ©. I'll have to dump the pics and get them posted later.

After that, headed to DDR... the senic route. I headed in the general direction, not famililar with the area of town. It was very relaxing to just drive, taking whatever road I felt like, with no time pressure or worries... Finally got there, took some pics, rocked out on the Extreme machine, hung out with everyone, met new people, etc.

Got home, and my Laptop had arrived... it's at the office, which is closed -_- *sigh* NEW TOY, and I can't get to it until tomorrow... I think they open at 7, so I plan on being there early whether or not I have to work.

Got a call from Chichi... Called back, but they were talking to friends, so I took a shower and fixed a sandwich for dinner before calling them back. Chichi's chemo starts Monday for 4-6 weeks, then a possible additional 2-3 weeks depending on what happens. Haha already flew back and is packing the car - they have a relative going along on the drive, so it's all good there. I may try to move my vacation up a week, but they won't have their perm living space ready until sometime next week at the earliest - so any sooner would be a waste in some ways.

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