Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

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moods change

Strange past day or so... I think my moods have stabilized enough to allow for the lj lunch.

Prolly heading to DDR after that, tho I'm tempted by the PHP user group meeting.... since that's at 3, it would put me in the triangle at the beginning of rush hour - prolly just do DDR instead.

Haven't been able to concentrate enough to actually accomplish anything. I'm betting on this afternoon's activities to help relax me enough to be able to get some things done tonight/tomorrow.

Checked email at work - didn't have anything.... Still waiting for the official word about the rest of the week. I could use the days - IF I can concentrate enough to make use of them. Otherwise, I might as well be at work doing nothing.

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