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Out of it today, for some reason... made it through work, tho left a bit early to go to the store for food, get gas, and send the tax check in. Lunch was at the mall with Rodimus - almost bought a few things, but managed to hold off.

It's looking better and better for me to have the rest of the week off, tho I'm still waiting for the official word.

Prolly gonna party Sat night.

Unlocked more stuff on SSX Tricky and added another APC in .hack.

Did more 1.5 boost reverse on DDR MAX at home last night.... I need to keep that up, I'm doing pretty well - getting AA or A on most of the stuff I've tried... tho when I don't, I usually fail harshly. Keep at Standard for now, perhaps I'll build up the endurance for Heavy.

... eyes have been feeling dry and achy lately. Prolly should do more drops, but I space on them.

Had an interesting discussion with someone on viewpoints of a situation... user v site admin. We'll see if that fixes the other issues or not.

Gonna open up the windows, put SSX Tricky in, and grab a snack or dinner or something.

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