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Worked on my scripts all day at work... did a bit of work, as well.. nothing major though. Still waiting to hear if the testing is canceled or not - I'm hoping yes.

Had a BS session with RunningBear, which was refreshing.... Got some tips on alternative methods for boosting WiFi signals that they used in-home.... And set up the next LAN party date, in about 2 weeks. I'll have plenty of time to set the new laptop up in prep for that.

Went to Chinese for lunch with Rodimus, stopped by BB to shop a bit.

Skated a bit ago - nothing going on that I had any input into, and if there was I could handle it from home.

Now just sitting with open windows, relaxing.... My most difficult decision atm is whether to dive back into the scripts, play something on the PS2, or just veg to the TV.

I keep going back over my old code and realizing how much easier I could make things... Cleaner code, more efficient, etc... The problem is that I have to start over again to really do it right... and it works as is... and, knowing me, I'd get bored half-way through and stop anyway. So I've been doing minor mods instead, using includes and globals to ease the difference between my local dev and the actual site... I really should implement this on all the various sites - it makes things so much easier... of course it's still on my dev box, since I haven't finished changing and verifying all the scripts.

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