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Work, PS2, Sleep. There, now I'm caught up.

I did have to work a bit last night because some fuckwad decided to dick around all day instead of telling me what I needed to know... and then 30 minutes before I was to leave, they suddenly decide to call me. Asshole. So I had to work last night.... But I worked around it.

Rodimus' rents are in town, and we were having dinner with them and Morphine and Hunny at the Teppanyaki place last night. Took forever due to wrong directions, etc.... Then there was some interesting stuff with the filet... In any case, it was wonderful - I was stuffed full, knowing I was overeating and not caring. The rents picked up the tab, which was very nice of them. The discussions and such were entertaining..

So yeah... been unlocking stuff in the games I've been playing, tho waiting for Hunny to come unlock Tekken Bowl, since they're rather fond of the fighting part of the game. Trying to get that last course unlocked in SSX Tricky, I got up to the next to last today.. My, they've changed. I've also been trying to get all the characters some outfits and a medium ranking. .hack//sign is going pretty okay, I suppose... a little slow, I've been mostly levelling instead of furthering the plot. Played some DDR MAX tonight, but using my fingers... still, trying to read 1.5 boost reverse is a challenge.


Nothing much else new... need to call RedneckNinja and see what's up since they never called back over the weekend.

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