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so Rodimus came over after work to pick up the box of old hardbacks I had lying around... I'm sure they're worth something, so we'll see. We ended up playing some SSX Tricky, since they were pondering getting the GC version... Demoed .hack//sign to them... Checked out TXR0, which was pretty... but strange... and then DDR MAX. They left, and I decided to start unlocking the hidden bowling game in Tekken Tag - got bored pretty quick, only unlocked 2 characters before moving on... back to SSX Tricky for awhile, then wrapping up the evening with /hack//sign.

Oz called.... chatted a bit with Tigger... And now I'm pretty much beat. Watching the Weather Channel to see what I'm gonna do with the windows... looks like I'll be closing them - a bit chilly, and thunderstorms.

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