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Interviews went well, or so I thought... Like I do every time... Still, I Already have at least one offer coming in, so... It's a matter of telling them which job I'd rather have, and them telling me which job they'd rather I take...

I'm beat. Lack of sleep, strange sleep patterns, and a full 16+ hour day of travel really did me in. I just want to lie down and sleep until wed.

On Wed, Rodimus is coming into town, we're having dinner out at UJ's, which should rock. I heard brief rumors from him that M is going to attend, but that he and L broke up, which is kinda sad (they were so cute together) but not altogether unexpected... She didn't have a life apart from him, and he's a computer geek, so... Anyways, I'll hear more Wed at least, I hope... Maybe the full story.

I want to ramble on about things before I forget them, since I have a couple days to catch up on... But I'm really beat. Nite.

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